Pulp Fiction

22 de setembro de 2014

blockbuster: Something, such as a film or book, that sustains widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales.
die hard: fanatic fans of celebrities, professional sports team, musicians, etc…
made up: invent or create a story.
sleek: smooth and lustrous as if polished; glossy.
resurface: reappear.
VIN number: Vehicle Identification Number
noteworthy: worthy of notice or attention; notable; remarkable:
prop: is an object used on stage or onscreen by actors during a performance or screen production.
lent (past form of to lend): To give or allow the use of temporarily on the condition that the same or its equivalent will be returned.
whatsoever: it means “at all” and it stresses the idea of “none”. Ex: she doesn’t get any  attention whatsoever (she doesn’t get any attention at all)


One os the greatest and top grossing films of the 90′s was no doubt “Pulp Fiction”. It has been 20 years since the release of the blockbuster and for all of you die hard fans of Quentin Tarantino, here are 7 facts that you probably didn’t know about the movie.


1. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is Jules Winnfield’s (Samuel L. Jackson) execution speech. Claiming he memorized Ezekiel 25:17, but almost none his speech is found in the bible passage! It was actually made up by Quentin Taratino himself!




2. The sleek ’64 red convertible Chevy Malibu in the movie actually belonged to Quentin Tarantino in real life! But the craziest thing about this fact is that the car was stolen during production, it resurfaced in 2013 when police arrested a couple of people who were stripping it for parts. The policed looked up the VIN of the car and traced it back to Quentin Tarantino. What are the chances??




3. Another noteworthy item that apears in the film is Jule’s wallet, which says “Bad Mother Fu**r”.Apparently the real “Bad Mother Fu***r” was Quentin Tarantino because it was his wallet that he lent Samuel L. Jackson to use in the movie.



4. The most important and mysterious prop in the entire movie has to be the black briefcase. To this day, nobody knows what was inside that briefcase, there have been many theories of the content inside, such as diamonds or drugs. After an interview, Quentin Tarantino revealed that the content is what whatever the viewer wants it to be, but here is what was literally inside the briefcase:




Two batteries and and light bulb, not really what you’ve expected is it? LOL




5.  There has also been speculation about the deal with the character Marsellus Wallace (played by actor Ving Rhames) wore a Band-Aid on the back of his neck during the entire movie. Well, it actually turns out that the bandage has no meaning whatsoever, Ving Rhames had simply cut himself while shaving his head for the film and Quentin Tarantino liked the look of the Band-Aid and decided to put it in the movie. It made Ving’s character more mercurial, also we see his Band-Aid much before we see his actual face in the movie.




6. As we all know, Quentin Tarantino has a dark sense of humor and how can you make somebody get shot in the face be so funny? Well,Tarantino can manage to do that when Vince (John Travolta) shoots Marin in the face inside the car. In the original script the character Marvin was supposed to be shot twice! One shot in the throat by accident and another in the head as a mercy kill to end his suffering.Tarantino decided that it would be much funnier to have one acidental shot and make Vince’s character more likable.




7. Do you remember the scene when Vincent and Jules get shot at, by a guy with really terrible aim? It’s another example of Tarantino’s dark sense of humor of somebody getting killed. Most people didn’t notice that the bullet holes in the wall are there before a single shot was fired! After missing all the shots, the man with the gun is executed by Vince and Jules with countless shots.




Well guys, I hope that you’ve enjoyed these interesting facts about Pulp Fiction. Keep in tune for more weekly articles about movies. Until the next time!


By Ian Alaby
Mindset project coordinator

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