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I was born and raised in the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago where I pursued my professional career at KPMG in the accounting, auditing and consulting fields. At that time I travelled to the US and Canada to undergo training which the company provided its professionals with. Back then I spent my spare time teaching English, Mathematics and Information Technology at an orphanage in the city of Port of Spain. In 2008 I was invited to São Paulo where I got into teaching English as a second language.
Professional atmosphere, phenomenal marketing, highly competent result driven team and prestigious services are some of the factors for choosing Mindset Institute to build my English language consulting career. After a year or so of teaching I became an English language consultant where the concept is totally different from teaching. Mindset has continuously provided its professionals with encompassing diverse coaching sessions (free of course!) which gives us hands on skills used in helping our clients achieve their goals. In addition we are provided with the latest in cutting edge teaching resources which are very costly. Thanks to Mindset I consider myself to be extremely equipped in the pursuit of delivering client’s results.
I currently work with clients at all levels and across disciplines in organizations, as well as a variation of sectors, all with a uniquely different reason for learning the language. Many clients have classes based on their availability since Mindset offers them total flexibility. Regular clients have class twice or three times a week either before or after work. Some clients have intensive courses (two hours everyday) with the aim of either preparing for a job interview or just going on a fun trip. Others, on the other hand have immersion courses (eight hours a day for five days) where the objective is to be submerged in the language in order to build fluency, comprehension etc. The objective of all courses is to richly develop the four skills of the English language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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