Ricardo Morello



I’ve been working as an English language consultant for five years. I returned from London UK in 2008 where I had the opportunity to work in the fitness field for about 17 years as a personal fitness trainer.

I started working for MINDSET Institute a year ago and before that I had the opportunity to work as an English teacher at Wise Up and Wizard School of English, Language Factory as a freelancer teacher.

I chose to join Mindset Institute team because since the beginning it proved to be a very open, honest and enjoyable company to work for, with young and motivating staff, always helpful and dedicated to the employees and the students. The coordinators conduct training sessions which are incredibly useful for my everyday classes, they are fun and have boosted my confidence to teach classes about subjects that I have never taught before such as business, tourism amongst others. During the training sessions the consultants can exchange information, skills about the English language, culture and life experiences abroad which are very useful in classes.

During this past year I have received very good feedback from my students which was recognized by MINDSET. As a result I’ve received a promotion which has given me motivation to continue to give my best to the students, to my colleagues and to MINDSET.

Being an English consultant nowadays is extremely rewarding because of people’s necessity to learn a different language for business, travel reasons etc. I’ve been teaching students from different areas such as tourism, finance, journalism, human resources, sales etc. You always learn and teach something different in every class.

The best thing in my opinion about being an English teacher is the possibility to pass on to the students my knowledge, my skills and my experience in order to make them achieve their own goals and needs.

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