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Hi, learners of the English language. My name is Johan. I am a very energetic and proactive language consultant. I love my profession, as it consists of talking with different people at various locations throughout the crazy city of Sao Paulo. Being a Dutch national made me achieve a good feeling about languages and different cultures. Also I have a broad working experience in general management, food retailing and commercial management in the banking and insurance market.
I started working at Mindset in the beginning of 2012, as they had more individual and intensive courses for students. Before I found Mindset I taught bigger groups at traditional language schools throughout South-America and Southern-Europe. They supported me with introducing into new methods and regular coaching sessions. As well as a professional working environment in an independent setting, which gave me the motivation to perform an excellent service.
My present students are a great mix of men and women, young and old. Mainly people who have a commercial job at Brazilian or foreign companies. They need their English for a mixture of private and professional life. I also guide students who are going to study at an international university. Some have classes once a week for an hour or I spent lots of hours with them in immersion courses.

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