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I was born in Brazil and moved to the U.S. when I was a toddler where I grew up in many places such as Michigan, North Carolina, Montana, and the last 5 years California. I’ve studied all my life in the U.S. and grew up in the culture, even though I was always coming to Brazil during my holidays and I was never out of touch with the Brazilian culture.
I grew up in an English teaching environment. Both my grandparents, my mother, aunts and uncles are teachers, so you could say that I was born into the educational field.
I studied business at SC, FLC, and SSU in California in which I was a teacher’s assistant in the English department of the school. I also tutored foreigners in the ESL program. I had the opportunity to move to Brazil to work in the English Market, so decided to come to Brazil and now I’ve living in Sao Paulo since January, 2013.
I’ve been part of the Mindest Institute Team since January, 2013 and I’ve really enjoyed working in the great atmosphere with great colleagues that are very professional. Mindset Institute has been a positive influence in my life since moving to São Paulo. The Institute has helped me establish my professional business career here in Brazil, in which I’m very grateful.
The Institute offers the best teacher’s training program, which is done on a weekly basis to make sure we have the best English consultants in the corporate and business market in São Paulo. We also are very selective when it comes to choosing our English Consultants, they go through a 3 step interview before staring their training program.

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