Gerrit Van Der Merwe

Sobrenome:Van Der Merwe


I have 13 years of experience within hospitality management and also hold various qualifications within hospitality management and other areas. My work has taken me to far off places, working almost every country around the globe. I have worked in big resorts, hotels, cruise ships and with the aviation industry as well. I`m also fully trained on first aid and crisis management. Some parts of my work used to consist of training people and staff on products, services, management and quality control.

About Mindset

I have started working with Mindset, less than a year ago and really enjoy. The office has a good vibe, friendly colleagues, as an English language consultant you feel that you belong to a good cause. Getting feedback from students, them acknowledging the progress they have made because of your help, really makes a difference to me! I started working with Mindset after a exhaustive search for a school that offers a great ambient for teachers to work within. The training sessions we have are insightful and help us to better understand the needs of students and their goal to grow while at the same time maintaining the quality of service with that personal touch. Being a language consultant is not much different from what I have done before, just a different subject but, it’s great and I enjoy working with people.

Diversity of students

The students I teach ranges over a variety of positions from executives and owners of companies to managers and worker bees!

Other Teachers

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