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I’m an Australian who has been teaching English in Sao Paulo for some time now. My background is in the area of business, where I am university qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce. Additionally, I have spent several years working in various companies in Australia, in the fields of accounting, property investment and communications. My passions are communication between people and football. Accordingly, I fill my life with these two things.
I decided to work for Mindset for a number of reasons. The excellent online presence and branding caught my eye initially and hinted at the underlying professionalism that flows throughout all of Mindset’s operations and teaching. I began teaching lessons and attending training sessions, finding the advice imparted during training to be hugely useful for both building strong relationships with students and teaching in a relevant, engaging way. As a language consultant at Mindset, I feel ably equipped to teach students of all levels and am given a level of freedom to shape the client’s learning process, depending on the needs and desires of that person. In practice, the results have proven to be excellent.
I teach students of all levels, with varied reasons for learning English. I teach accountants, lawyers, people employed in marketing and finance, even people just traveling to the United States or Europe for fun. Most students opt to have 2-3 classes a week, which ensures rapid uptake of new vocabulary and grammar, and an increased ability to have conversations. Some students even like to engage in full immersion sessions, where I train them to think, understand and speak rapidly in English. The direction the classes take all stems from the student’s goals for learning English. We work together, in the direction the student is aiming for, to achieve the desired level of English, and ultimately, fluency.

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