Quick class 5: The Dilemma – A2/B1

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Tell your teacher about a dilemma that you have had to resolve. How did you solve your problem?



And we’re back! And it’s time for our Q&A session in our program. It’s the question of the day!


We have a very interesting question today sent by Sarah, from Minnesota. And this question is far too common for us not to address. My own wife has been in the same situation, as many of my female friends and relatives, and I believe most working women will face a similar challenge in their life, at some point.


Sarah writes:


Dear Dr. Jones,

I’m in a dilemma. Last week I had a meeting with my boss and he told me that I was being considered for a promotion in my department. I’ve worked very hard to be promoted, but I’m having second thoughts now. Although I would love to take the job, I know that it would involve greater responsibilities and much less free time. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem for me right now, but my husband and I are planning on having a child within the next year or so. And because I believe my career would probably get in the way of my personal life plans, I wonder if I should take the job and have a child anyway, or if I should decline the offer and focus on being a mother.


What do you think I should do? _Sarah asks?


So that’s our question of the day. We invite all our female listeners to give Sarah some advice. I’m sure she will appreciate that. Let’s all give our two cents to help Sarah! She’s counting on us! What do you think she should do?




  • Match the words and their correct definitions:
a)      Within1) Suggestion about what to do in a particular situation
b)      Get in the way2) Refuse
c)      Decline3) Opinion about a general topic
d)      Advice4) Inside or not further than an area or period of time
e)      Someone’s two cents5) Prevent something from happening



A-4; B-5; C-2; D-1; E-3

  • Listen to the audio two or three times and prepare to give some advice to Sarah. You must speak for at least two minutes.

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