Quick class 4: Job Interview- A2/B1

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How do people usually get ready for job interviews?



Hello, my name is Anthony Molina and my job is to help other people get new jobs!


Today I am going to give you five simple tips to improve your performance on your next job interview.


And I thought it would make more sense to start with what you should do before the job interview.


So, number one: Research! Get as much information as possible on the company that you are applying to work for and on the position you want to get. Get ready to answer questions based on the information provided on your CV. Try to understand what exactly they are looking for and adapt your speech to address your best qualities in relation to the job and to the work culture there.


Number two: prepare a list of questions for them. They need to feel that you are interested and the very best way to seem interested is to be actually interested. So you will have the opportunity to ask them questions related to the specifics of the job, about the work environment, the possibilities for career advancement and so on. Use this chance wisely.


And now for tips on the interview itself.


Number three: get there early and dress appropriately. Make sure you don’t give them a bad impression of you on your very first meeting. Formal attire is always the right way to go.


Number four: be objective! You don’t want to ramble on about your experiences and personal life. Make sure everything you say has something to do with what they’ll expect from you once you get the job. Remember, they’ve probably been interviewing a bunch of candidates lately, so they may get bored easily. Keep it short!


Number 5: A few things not to do! Don’t talk about money, don’t talk about benefits, don’t display any body language which isn’t professional and adequate, don’t forget to ask questions and, above all, don’t lie on your resumé.


There’s no way to guarantee you will get the job, but if you follow all these tips, you certainly won’t ruin your chances at a company where you feel you could do a good job.


Well, that’s all for now, folks!

Good luck and until next time!




  • Match the words and their correct definitions:
a)      To improve1) To make available; to supply.
b)      To make sense2) With intelligence
c)      To provide3) Dress, clothes.
d)      To seem4) To be intelligible, justifiable.
e)      Wisely5) Feeling of being uninterested, unoccupied.
f)       Attire6) Enhance in quality; make better.
g)      Bored7) To appear; to give an impression of being.



Answers: a-6; b-4; c-1; d-7; e-2; f-3; g-5


  • Listen to the audio two or three times and answer the following question:

What were the tips given by Anthony Molina? In what order do they appear?

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