Melhorando o vocabulário: expressões conectivas rebuscadas

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Sabe quando você já tem as palavras principais para comunicar alguma coisa em inglês, mas falta alguma expressão para terminar a frase desejada, tais como, em português: “todavia”, “ademais”, “portanto”, “consequentemente”, etc.? Esse tipo de expressão ajuda a formulação de um pensamento e de sua comunicação coerente. São expressões de coesão que aumentam a qualidade da escrita e da fala, o que as tornam fundamentais no vocabulário de estudantes de inglês.


Ainda assim, podemos perceber por nossa experiência diária com os alunos do Instituto Mindset que muitas expressões usadas em discursos mais rebuscados às vezes escapam do radar ou são entendidas contextualmente, sem que a palavra em si seja aprendida.


Pensando em nossos alunos e em nosso público digital, preparamos uma lista com algumas importantes expressões conectivas, dividas por diferentes intenções do enunciador. Algumas delas serão mais familiares do que outras, porém todas são de amplo uso na língua inglesa!


Sequence and timeExamples
  • At the present time; presently
  • At the present time, it seems as though we will continue working on this project for a few more months.
  • Prior to (before)
  • Voters need to study all candidates prior to the elections.
  • Suddenly (unexpectedly)
  • Investors are suddenly moving away from gold, land and other physical assets.
  • Occasionally (sometimes)
  • Before he became famous, he only occasionally featured in the headlines.
  • In due time (soon enough)
  • Earlier today, the President stated he is confident that the economy will improve in due time.
  • To begin with
  • Maybe the director shouldn’t have closed that bad deal to begin with.



  • As a result
  • The company has invested in technology and is now growing as a result.
  • Therefore
  • Experts suggest getting a small loan instead of using a credit card, therefore decreasing interests for people in debt.
  • Thus
  • Technological innovation may cause a disappearance of certain professions in the short term, thus increasing income inequality all over the world.
  • Hence
  • The department is generating more revenue than ever, hence the need to hire more staff.



  • Undoubtedly
  • This is undoubtedly the best course of action given the circumstances.
  • Indeed
  • He has indeed been lacking in performance for the past few months.
  • Admittedly
  • The newspaper published admittedly sensitive information about the politician.



  • Moreover
·         Moreover, I conclude by saying that we should also start investing in this technology before our competitors have a chance.
  • As well as
·         The secretary is very smart, as well as a nice, friendly face around here.
  • Coupled with
·         Coupled with the personal investment of teachers, a great material selection makes this one of the best schools in the country.




Citing examplesExamples
  • For instance
  • The company should, for instance, increase the budget of the Marketing department.
  • Such as
  • It is in situations such as this that we consider what really matters in life.
  • Namely
  • There are sources that can’t always be trusted, namely the internet.



  • However
  • However complex our economy may be right now, I still believe we can grow by at least 5% this year.
  • Nonetheless
  • He knew how much he would have to sacrifice and decided to continue nonetheless.
  • Still
  • Rio de Janeiro is one of the most lively and beautiful cities in the world. Still, old problems which simply refuse to go away are keeping this city from reaching its full potential.
  • Whereas
  • Our team specializes in fraud detection, whereas Michael’s team works mostly with taxes.



  • Similarly
  • The new administration will work similarly to the previous one in many aspects.
  • Likewise
  • The CEO immediately defended himself from accusations. Likewise, the Senator was quick to come forward and state he has had no business participation of any kind with CEO’s enterprises.
  • Unlike
  • Unlike most democracies, the US electoral process does not necessarily elect the candidate who has received a majority of votes.

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