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English Immersion Course in Brazil Confira nossas promoções

The English Immersion course in Brazil is a method of teaching a foreign language different from a traditional course. It’s where the teaching methodology uses the language as a tool in a study or situation incorporating students in the development of their skills, i.e., constant practice of the language is the main focus of the immersion course in English.

“In the context of language immersion, it is characterized by diving or concentration in a language in which you want to learn. It is nothing more, nothing less than the person being thrown in the ocean to teach him to swim. “(Wikipedia)

An English immersion program requires the student’s total concentration on the language in order to be disconnected from everything else. This enables him to obtain a rapid development of skills in the language. The student will study 4-8 hours a day, and will practically be “immersed” in English.

The English Immersion Course offered by Mindset Institute is held in Brazil, which enables students a kind of “living abroad” without leaving Brazil. The student will go through everyday situations and this will maximize his learning.

English Immersion Course and its benefits

  • Personalized Immersion

    Aulas Personalizadas

    Our English immersion course will focus on your goals. Classes will be directed according to your needs in the language.

  • Advance Levels

    Avance níveis rapidamente

    Depending on the student’s commitment and dedication at the end of immersion Course he can move one or more levels forward in English.

  • Flexible locations

    Onde você estiver

    The student can choose the location where he wants to have the classes i.e. at their own residence, at the company or Mindset Institute.

  • Everyday situations

    Situações Cotidianas

    In the course of English immersion students will be subjected to participate in everyday situations and can therefore maximize your learning.

  • Learn Fast

    Aprenda mais rápido

    If you need to learn English quickly or in a short period the English Immersion course will help you through its intensity and consistency.

  • Lunch is on me!

    Almoço por nossa conta

    How the student will be studying during your lunch hour. His meal will be paid for by Mindset Institute and also he will be accompanied by the teachers.

What our students say

  • Rodrigo Borges Leal

    Rodrigo Borges Leal

    Systems Consultant | Hospital Sírio Libanês | Student Travel since Feb/2011 +Travel Course

    "I had a vacation trip scheduled for Orlando, along with my wife. I made a Travel Course in order to be able to express myself properly in different situations: customs, taxi, hotel, shopping, dining, etc. ... "

  • Sheila Mattos

    Sheila Cristina Komatsu de Mattos

    Executive Manager of Marketing | Brasfrigo Alimentos | Student from Mai/2011

    "The Mindset offers me alternatives that make my learning fast and enjoyable. And what is more important, with excellence in methodology and faculty. Mindset is" the best ever. "No doubt I have been able to considerably improve my knowledge ... "

Our certifications

Cambridge Certificate

We have tutors certified by the best-known English university, University of Cambridge. They are teachers who excel every day in the act of teaching languages.

More information about the English Immersion Course

Prerequisites: The student must be at least elementary level.

Evaluation: The student is subjected to a Placement Test, followed by an interview (in English) with Mindset’s Educational Coordination personnel.

Targeted public: executives, managers, trainees, students and professionals in general who need the language as a fundamental tool for their everyday work.

Teachers: The course may be divided between two or more teachers, depending on the student’s profile and availability.

Why should I do the English Immersion Course at Mindset Institute?

Students in the English Immersion course begin their preparation the moment they arrive at the institute, they are greeted by our staff and professionals in English and then away they go to the study hall where they will undergo 8 hours experiencing a number of situations that will cause development of the four basic skills (speaking. reading, writing, listening) They will proceed/move on to one or more levels at the end of the course.

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